Hobbyfan is now a NEO-GRADE
authorized dealer.


Q: Is the kit going to be different in anyway?
A: Except the red box being different. Everything is same as South Korea release includes all photos and accessories. Each kit to be inspected by Neo-Grade before factory sealed. The same great packaging you normally receive from Neo-Grade. Plus an authentication sticker issued by Neo-Grade for Northern American release verification as proof.

Q: Does it share the same release date?
A: It will be approximately 2-3 weeks later then the Korea street date. Due to international processing delays & other factors. A reasonable delay is unavoidable.
Q: Would I be protected for customer after service? Such as defect or missing parts related issues?
A: Yes. Hobbyfan is backed by Neo-Grade to provide speedy after service. Using the serial number from your package. You can only receive replacement through Hobbyfan.com. Please Do Not attempt to contact Neo-Grade for your Northern American releases. They will route you back to Hobbyfan by default.
Q: I see you carry SMS or Other Recast brand of Neo-Grade's product. How can I identify the differences?
A: Base from our agreement with Neo-Grade. Hobbyfan is currently in progress to cleaning out existing recast stock in the coming months. Until that transition is complete. Look for the title description with "Authentic Neo-Grade Kit". That is an original supply directly from Neo-Grade.
Q: Do I have to pay expensive shipping from Korea to my House?
A: If you ordered through Hobbyfan.com. You may continue to enjoy our everyday low price shipping. As low as $5.25. Other delivery option also available during checkout.
Q: I'm looking for a particular older Neo-Grade authentic kit which listed SOLD OUT at Neograde.com. Can you help?
A: Unless Neograde start another production run. Other wise there little we can help. But send us your request to Hobbyfan. If we can collect enough orders. Neo-Grade would be happy to response on public demand accordingly.
Q: I see other Korea brand name recast product at Hobbyfan.com. Are they related to Neo-Grade in distribution or manufacturing?
A: Absolutely not! Other recast is supplied from Hong Kong or China through separate vendor. It does not associated with Neo-Grade officials in any way.